How is this app different from other 2nd number?

Shop Phone was built specially for Shopify merchants. As merchants ourselves we're aware of the needs of today's retailers. Shop Phone integrates with your Shopify store allowing it to not only provide the calling functions you want, but the sales opportunity alerts you didn't know you needed. It's like having a built in receptionist that tells you when you need to call a customer.

Can I set my notification filters?

Yes, you can configure thresholds for the notifications based on order values. For example if you only want to be alerted about abandoned checkouts over $300 you can configure that. You could also configure minimum order values for New Customer alerts, VIP and repurchase alerts, as well as the number of days since last order follow up alerts.

How does pricing work?

Shop Phone operates with a flat rate of $15/month for the first account, and $10/month for each addition account.

Is it unlimited calling and texting?

There is a limit of 1000 minutes or 1000 text messages per month. If you need more than than, there may be additional charges.